live fully in your element

discover the support, physical and mindful practices you need to unleash your five elements

Wanna discover how five element living can help you?

Then this 80 seconds of five element animated goodness will explain…

I’m Sally, your guide

As an acupuncturist and yoga teacher, I guide people - just like you - to understand their health from a new perspective: the perspective of the five elements. 

We do this by journeying together. 

As we find our way, we see patterns of wellness (and not-so-wellness). We see how and why your body responds and how little tweaks can lead to big changes. We move away from complexity, back to simplicity. 

You discover your elemental self.

What you’ll find inside

A free community of like-minded humans on the same path.

We also come together in paid groups to explore ways to stay connected to our five elements. From eating elementally to deep diving into a particular element and exploring it through exclusive, themed yoga, acupressure and mindfulness, you’ll discover the power and simplicity of five element living.

Wanna get in on this life-changing stuff?

Drop into our free community anytime.

If you want to journey deeper, join a paid plan - either live or pre-recorded. 

Our model is membership when you want it, community when you don’t. You only pay for the group(s) you join. Plus, you get lifetime access to all the videos, practices and resources you purchase. 

My promise to you… if you join me for 12 months of five element living, your sleep, your health, your digestion, your relationships, even your worldview will radically shift as you unleash your elemental self. 

I can’t wait for you to experience living fully in your element…

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